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House Of Lor - OREON Bangle made in Silver and Irish Gold

House Of Lor - OREON Bangle made in Silver and Irish Gold


OREON Slim Cuff Bangle in Sterling Silver and Irish Gold. Inspiration for the OREON Collection are the Dry Stone Walls of the West of Ireland. A dry stone wall is built with only stones and nothing else. It does not need mortar or cement to stand and have structural integrity. Dry Stone Walls are very common throughout Ireland but are associated with the West of Ireland where they proliferate the rural landscape. A dry stone wall will absorb light in places and will cast shadows across the stone in the wall therefore giving the impression of being more three dimensional than the solid masonry wall.

The OREON Bangle’s shapes are impressions of the stone shapes used in the construction of Dry Stone Walls.

Each piece from the House Of Lor collection contains a rare piece of Irish Gold. The gold is nearly 2000 years old and a lot of the gold was turned into artifacts and is now housed in the National Museum of Ireland. This collection is the perfect way to honour your Irish Ancestors, with a rare piece of Ireland embellished into every single item. This beautiful Irish Jewellery collection is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Every piece in the House Of Lor collection comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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