Ashford Castle Honey Board & Drizzle Mrs Tea's Boutique and Bakery

Ashford Castle Honey Board & Drizzle

Mrs Tea's Boutique and Bakery
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Harvested from the native black bee Ashford Castle Honey is the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast table.

The Bees have been busy this year and we've had a bumper harvest. Their responsibility as pollinators is vital for the rewilding process we love to see take place throughout the Ashford Estate. Foraging for up to 5 kilometers from their hive in search of nectar and pollen, all the while pollinating flowers throughout their wonderful journey, our bees certainly do more than live up to their industrious reputation.

Our sustainability journey continues with the help of the bees and all other creatures that enjoy the freedom of the Ashford Estate

In Collabration with Caulfield Boards we have curated a Honey serving board and drizzler , perfect for serving Ashford Castle Honey