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 An aromatic floral, soft & enchanting.

Sweet top notes of lily, honeysuckle and jasmine, with a soothing hint of peach and lemon on vertivert and a rich base of cedar provide a perfumed bouquet of aromas.

This little piece of luxury has been hand crafted in Dublin, to create a memorable fragrance that we can indulge our senses anywhere in the home. Our candles are handmade using our unique blend of beeswax & premium essential oils.

Vertivert essential oils provide calming and soothing relief from stress and burn out, and their intoxicating fragrance mingles perfectly with the soft sweetness of honeysuckle blossoms.

Travel Candle: One Wick Candle, 20 hour burns time. 75g.

Classic Candle: Two-Wick Candle, 40 Hour burn time, 190g.

Luxury Candle: Four Wick Candle, 50 Hour burn time, 390g.

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